Singer, DJ, songwriter, composer, arranger. Bianca Linta, a Romanian transplant from New York City, can best be described as the “Futuristic Jeanne d’Arc” of singers and DJs. She attacks the silence of the night like a sainted, but seductive, “holy spear wielding” heroine from an ancient book found in alternate-reality mythos. After experiencing one of her shows, no matter how things are going in life, you’ll know you’ve experienced something like the birth of a star; you’ll know you have LIVED!

Born in small town Resita, Romania, she moved to New York City at 17 years old. She absorbed everything musical once it entered her radar. “I wanted to be part of music, so I trained to be a singer, but I started realizing my love for it was much more than that; I pictured my music being a channel driving people to take action! To awareness! Inspiring people to take chances! Give them a channel to escape fear, be who they are, and own that with their whole being! Help them see past the fake layers of modern society and become who they are deep down! I saw myself changing the lives of orphan children through my music by donating a direct percentage of my shows/media/recordings to orphanages throughout the world.

I saw myself helping those struggling with anxiety and depression see past their ugly, as myself am one who deals with it everyday, but who also succeeds most days! I wanted people to know they are still beautiful no matter their struggles. I saw myself joining forces with other artists and people, and giving our children a different option of a role model. My music strives to inspire people to wake up in the morning and look at themselves not only accepting their positives and negatives, but loving both of those sides about themselves, because that is what makes them whole. I wanted people to know they are not alone! We all have fears but ultimately we all want to be loved and accepted. I wanted people to know they are important!”

Bianca Linta’s passion for DJing took over in 2010 and she began to train at Scratch Academy under DJ Esquire. She immersed herself into the DJ world by seeking out apprenticeships with DJs like Uncle Tone, Chachi and Rick Wonder.

Since then Ms. Bianca has played all over the world from clubs & festivals in her native Romania, to the United Arab Emirates where she regularly plays for distinguished royals, and has become a mainstay in NYC and Miami spots like: The W Hotel, The Jane Hotel, FIFTY Miami, SL Miami, Goldbar, Le Bain, Cameo, 1Oak, and countless underground warehouse shows. She’s performed at world-famous parties like Ibiza’s SupermartXe, WMC Ultra events, Euphoria Festival, Art Basel events, and has shared stages with established heavy-hitters like MYNC, Max Vangeli, Crystal Waters, Bro Safari, MakJ, DVBBS, Gareth Emery, The Crystal Method, etc. In Romania she’s shared stages with many artists like Delia, Alina Eremia, Whats Up, Adda, Randi, Ruby, Dorian Papa, Matteo, Shift, Smiley, etc. She’s a relentless force—driving & bangin’ beats into your DNA like she invented the genre herself!

Faced with a harsh world where love seems to be something out of a sci-fi movie, Bianca discovered her purpose. Her performance set is all about energy, dance, color, about greatness, about love for humankind, and pure inspiration! “Music comforts the soul, and for that to happen it needs to be real, it needs to come from the artist’s soul itself—my life now is about giving my fans EVERYTHING that sits inside my soul, and sharing that with them freely.”

Bianca feels: “Without music I would be nonexistent. Music is Nirvana to me and I want everyone to go on this journey with me! I don’t consider myself just a singer, or just a dj. I consider myself an artist. I like to create, and I always look for ways to bring my art to you, even if that is through paintings, music, crafts, moving images, or photography. I am here to be a voice of the people and I represent freedom in all sense of the word! I am who I am in my private life and on camera as well. I am woman, I am power!”